Military Parents

When one or both parents are on active duty in the U.S. Military, their active duty status, permanent duty station and legal domicile on Military records will be verified, as will their presence in or absences from California while on U.S. Military Orders. 

As spouses may have separate residences, the intent of both parents will be reviewed as part of the Residence Deputy's determination of residence for tuition purposes.

One or more of the following UC Residence Policies may apply and will be a consideration when the student’s residence is determined for tuition purposes by a Residence Deputy:


Active Duty
Federal law grants eligibility to a Member of the Armed Forces who “is” on active duty for 30 days. We interpret this to mean that as of the RDD the Member must be on active duty status, but if he or she has been on such status for less than 30 days, he or she can satisfy the 30-day requirement if there is adequate proof that the status will continue for at least 30 days.

Child Dependents
All references to child dependents are intended to include natural, adoptive or step-children of the Member of the Armed Forces.

For purposes of applying the federal law, it is the one location where a person is considered to have the most settled and permanent connection, the place where he intends to remain and to which, whenever temporarily absent, he has the intention of returning. A person can have only one domicile at a time.

Permanent Duty Station
For purposes of applying the federal law, permanent duty station is defined as the post of duty or official station to which a member of the Armed Forces is assigned or attached. A member of the Armed Forces assigned to a military base or installation in California would meet the requirements of having a permanent duty station in California.

A wife does not derive residence from her husband, a husband does not derive residence from his wife and one registered domestic partner does not derive residence from the other. Married couples or registered domestic partners who are living together might have separate residences and each might have a different, unshared intent, indicating their separate residences.

All references to “spouse” are intended to include California registered domestic partners. Residence Deputies will request verification of the California registered domestice partnership, or similar documents if the student claims similar status to registered domestic partner under the laws of another state.