Former UC Davis undergraduate students who wish to resume undergraduate studies may reapply through the readmission process. Former students are those who have not been degree awarded and who wish to return to campus. Students who have canceled/withdrawn or have been dismissed from the university must file for readmission before returning to campus to resume their academic pursuits.

Graduate students apply for readmission through the Office of Graduate Studies.

Students involved in the Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) do not file for readmission unless they have did not return as scheduled from their approved PELP leave.

The Readmission Application must be completed and submitted online. There is a non-transferable and non-refundable $70.00 application fee* that must be paid either online through the readmission process or to the Cashier’s Office (cash or by checks made payable to “UC Regents”) on or before the deadline.  The Cashier's Office is only open for processing Monday through Friday.

Readmission deadlines:

  • Fall: August 31st
  • Winter:  October 31st
  • Spring:  January 31st

*Students returning from United States military service and Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) eligible students are not required to pay the application fee. Students returning from US military service must upload a copy of their active-duty paperwork along with their Readmission Application. Eligible EOP students will not be presented with payment information.

When the readmission application and payment have been received, a confirmation email will be sent to through MyMessages. Former students who cannot access MyMessages through myucdavis, the student website, will need to provide an alternate email address when completing the application. The college Dean’s Office will review the student's file, render a readmission decision, and send a decision email to the student. Response time from the college Dean’s office will vary based and is dependent on the student's academic standing, and receipt of transcripts or other required items. Students who are approved for readmission will be activated for the readmit term and assigned pass appointments by the Office of the University Registrar. If readmission is denied, no further action will be taken by the Office of the University Registrar.

If the timing of the readmission approval does not allow registration before the Student Fee Payment Deadline, a late fee will be assessed. In this situation, the late fee will be automatically waived from the student account after the 12th day of instruction.

Students approved for readmission should review the Readmission Checklist and complete all steps in order to gain access to registration and successfully return to the university.

Students who have completed any college or university course work while away from UC Davis must submit an official transcript to their college Dean’s office and an another official copy to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Failure to do so by the end of the readmitted term will result in a registration hold for future registration.

Students should read the Readmission and Residence for Tuition information to determine if a Statement of Legal Residence (SLR) is required after being approved for readmission.