Official Academic Transcript

Document Fee

Official transcripts are available for students as a part of the Document Fee.

Business Administration students (M.B.A., including those in the Sacramento and Bay Area M.B.A. Programs), Law students (J.D.), Medicine students (M.D.), and Veterinary Medicine students (D.V.M.) do not pay the Document Fee and, therefore, are required to pay per service.

Order an Official Transcript

To request an official transcript, see Order an Official Transcript.

Official transcripts display information regarding your name, student identification number, courses and quarters enrolled, grades, unit information, grade point average, transfer work, academic actions such as course repeat notations, withdrawals, and degree(s) awarded including date awarded and major(s) and/or minors(s). Official transcripts also include honors and award notations such as dean’s list notations, department citations, and internship notations. Official academic transcripts are printed on security paper containing the Registrar’s signature and University seal.

SISWeb Advising Transcript

SISWeb advising transcripts are available online to current students only through SISWeb. SISWeb advising transcripts do not contain the Registrar's signature or University seal. To access the SISWeb advising transcript:

  1. Log into SISWeb.
  2. Select Student Services and Financial Aid tab.
  3. Select Student Records.
  4. Select Academic Transcript.
  5. Select Advising Transcript.

Differences Between Official Transcripts and SISWeb Advising Transcripts

The official transcript and the SISWeb advising transcript are different views of the student record. The official transcript represents the end-product of a student’s academic record at UC Davis designed for use by outside entities. The SISWeb advising transcripts is intended for student viewing only and contains an academic audit trail and a wide range of notations, many of which are not for dissemination outside of the University. The information on the official transcript and SISWeb advising transcript is managed by the Office of the University Registrar.

Official Transcripts Do Not Display:

  • Administratively dropped courses.
  • Administratively withdrawn terms.
  • Enrolled-No Work Submitted (ENWS) notations.
  • Individually dropped courses.
  • Non-unit bearing exam results.
  • Notations of Grade changes, Incomplete grade changes, Y grade changes, and NG grade removals.
  • Terms canceled prior to the first day of instruction.
  • Terms dropped due to non-payment of fees.
  • Workload courses.

Official Transcripts Display:

  • Academic standing.
  • Administratively withdrawn terms due to disqualification.
  • Credit By Examination results-listed in the term during which the exam was taken.
  • Part-Time terms.
  • Planned Education Leave Program (PELP) terms.
  • Simultaneous enrollment at other UC campuses.
  • UC Education Abroad Program courses.
  • Withdrawn terms on or after the first day of instruction.

Academic Standing on the Official Transcript

  • A student’s current academic standing is shown on the official transcript. For the notation on the official transcript, students are considered in good academic standing if they meet the qualitative standards of scholarship by maintaining a quarterly and cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or greater.
  • Academic standing for each individual term is not shown on the official transcript.
  • Minimum progress: “Except when a student has been disqualified from the University, all notations regarding failure to comply with the minimum progress requirement shall be redacted when copies of a student’s transcript are prepared for outside persons or agencies, such as professional or graduate schools.” (DD Reg A552)

Retroactive Actions on the Official Transcript

  • Retroactively withdrawn terms display only the term/year on the official transcript. The notation does not indicate that the withdrawal was retroactive, but instead simply states, “Withdrawn From University.”
  • Retroactively dropped courses do not appear on the official transcript.