No Grade ('NG')

In accordance with Academic Senate Regulations, the Office of the University Registrar shall enter the grade notation No Grade (or 'NG') on the student's record for a student whose instructor has not yet submitted an appropriate grade (letter grade or P, NP, S, U, I or IP) upon final grade submission.

Notification of an Existing NG Grade

The Office of the University Registrar provides written notification to all affected students to ensure awareness an 'NG' grade has been assigned and must be removed within one academic term or the 'NG' grade will lapse to an F grade (or NP or U). Affected students should contact the instructor of the course immediately to resolve the 'NG' grade.

Life Cycle of an NG Grade

An 'NG' grade must be replaced with a letter grade (or P or S grade) by the end of the succeeding quarter, excluding summer sessions, or the grade will revert to an F (or NP or U).

NG Grade Removal

Conditions for removing the 'NG' grade are as follows:

  • The 'NG' grade notation shall be replaced by the appropriate grade upon submission of that grade by the instructor via the Grade Change Tool.  For more information, see Grade Changes
  • The 'NG' grade and relevant course notation both shall be deleted from the student's transcript if it is established that an administrative error resulted in the improper assignment of 'NG' to the student or
  • The Office of the University Registrar shall change the 'NG' notation to an 'F' grade, or equivalent, after one quarter if the 'NG' grade has not been removed under the provisions listed above during that time.

Repeating a Course with an NG Grade

You may not re-enroll in a course if you have an unresolved grade. To remove the 'NG' grade from your record, you will need to contact the instructor who assigned the 'NG' and have them submit a grade to the Office of the University Registrar for the prior enrollment.