In-Progress Grades

For a course extending over more than one quarter, designated in course descriptions as “deferred grading only, pending completion of sequence,” evaluation of student performance is deferred until the end of the final quarter of the course sequence. Provisional grades of "IP" are assigned in the intervening quarters and are replaced with the final grade at the completion of the sequence. In order to gain credit toward graduation, a student must successfully complete the entire sequence.

Multi-Term Courses and In-Progress Grading

Multi-Term courses are not a series of courses. A multi-term course has one number and is a single course extending over multiple terms. After the first term, the "IP" is given, and at the last term the grade is given to the course.

Transcripts will display:

Fall Quarter: ABC 123 grade = In-Progress

Winter Quarter: ABC 123 grade = In-Progress

Spring Quarter: ABC 123 grade = Pass

The "IP" grade recording will remain on your transcripts, however, the last term of In-Progress grading will record the final grade.

Deferred Courses and In-Progress Grading

Deferred courses are a series of courses (e.g., 200A, 200B, 200C). A deferred course is comprised of a series of multiple courses, each with its own number, extending over multiple terms. The "IP" grade is given at the first term, and at the last term the grade is assigned and then applied to all courses within the series so that all quarters are shown and display the final grade.

The instructor may assign final grades, grade points, and unit credit for completed terms when the student has not completed the entire sequence provided that the instructor has a basis for assigning the grades and certifies the course series was not completed for good cause and submits documentation to the Office of the University Registrar (Academic Senate Regulation 540-D). An IP not replaced by a final grade will remain on the student’s record. 

Transcripts will display:

Fall Quarter: ABC 123A grade = Pass

Winter Quarter: ABC 123B grade = Pass

Spring Quarter: ABC 123C grade = Pass