Staff Newsletter - Winter 2016

Important Dates:

10th Day of Instruction - January 15th

  • Last day to petition for Part Time status.
  • Last day to petition for the Employee-Student Reduced Fee.
  • Last day to file for PELP.
  • Last day to drop designated 10-day drop courses.

20th Day of Instruction - February 1st

  • Last day to drop designated 20-day drop courses.

25th Day of Instruction - February 8th

  • Last day to opt for P/NP or S/U grading.
  • Last day to change units of a variable unit course.

Graduate Student Final Fee Payment Deadline - February 25th

Deadline to use PTA's - March 14th

Deadline to use PTD's - March 14th

Deadlines for Department Schedulers:

Winter 2016

  • Classroom reservations for instruction period course-related activities begin January 11th.
  • Classroom reservations for final exam week begin February 23rd.

Spring 2016

  • Class and final exam schedule posted online January 25th.

Fall 2016

  • Initial round of department maintenance access concludes on January 15th.
  • Final round of department maintenance access is January 25-29.
  • Instructor block remains open for editing through the last day of instruction.

January 8, 2016

The newsletter contains important dates for the term in addition to information about OUR processes that you may not be aware of but are interested in learning about. If you have a topic that you would like to see covered, please contact us at We would love to hear from you.

For your reference, Newsletters are archived on the Office of the University Registrar's website in the Faculty and Staff section.

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Do You Know That The Cancellation/Withdrawal Form Is Going Online?

The Office of the University Registrar has been partnering with various campus partners, Student Affairs Office of Technology, Online Advising Student Information Systems (OASIS team), Financial Aid and Scholarships, Student Accounting, and others working to transition the paper Cancellation/Withdrawal Form to an online form. The online form will be accessible from the Office of the University Registrar’s website, MyUCDavis, OASIS, and from Schedule Builder and SISWeb should students attempt to drop all of their classes as a means of removing themselves from the university.

Although it is still in development, the online form will allow undergraduate and graduate students the ability to submit and have their cancellation/withdrawal requests automatically processed in Banner. There are a few student populations where the OUR will manually review and key requests such as NCAA athletes, and email notifications to our campus partners when specific student populations CA/WD will be provided.

A demonstration and opportunity for questions will be offered prior to the launch and we anticipate offering this form late winter quarter 2016.

Look for more to come!

Online Grade Change Tool

This Fall OUR launched the new online Grade Change Tool submission and tracking tool. This tool offers the following benefit for grades submitted in Winter 2013 going forward. (Please note that any grade changes for grades submitted prior to Winter 2013 will still require the paper form petitions):

  • Instructors can submit grade changes for individual students or group of students; if the reason or class are the same.
  • Instructors can submit general grade change requests; look up classes they have taught, as well as students. 
  • Instructors can submit final grades for Incomplete (I) grades, Y grades, and No-Grade (NG) notations. 
  • Designated grading authorities can track pending grades and submitted grade changes in their department. 
  • Students can use OASIS to track pending grade changes and grade changes submitted on their record.

For additional information, check out the Office of the University Registrar’s website Online Grade Change  under the Faculty and Staff section.

New Staff Changes

As of January 1, 2016, Norma Munoz is no longer working with the ICMS Team. We wish her well on her future endeavors. As our new ICMS Prerequisite Analyst, the ICMS Team welcomes Kaila Balancio.