Announcements and Deadlines

  • Office of the University Registrar is closed Feb 19, 2018.
  • Spring Graduation!
  • Graduate Students! Avoid being dropped from classes! Pay by Mar 1.
  • Spring 2018 Registration
  • My Degree!
  • OUR does not ditribute PTAs or PTDs.
  • The Office of the University Registrar is located in 3100 Dutton Hall.

Transcripts and Education Verifications

Find out more about the official academic records that you might need to request from our office. Transcripts are a record of the courses you have taken and grades received. Education verifications provide less information than a transcript and can be used to document information like proof of enrollment, grade point average or degree requirements, which may be required for scholarships, housing or automobile insurance purposes.

Student Privacy

Federal and state laws, as well as university regulations, are in place to protect a student's right to privacy and provide safeguards for the confidentiality of student records. Learn more about student privacy and options.


To graduate from UC Davis, all students must file to graduate with the Office of the University Registrar. Students also have the option to participate in their school or college's commencement ceremony, but will not receive a diploma or degree until they file to graduate.

Class Search Tools

Use the Class Search Tool or Schedule Builder to find classes and course reference numbers (CRN) for registration. You can filter searches for open courses, general education courses and classes by days of the week. The tools also provides course descriptions and prerequisites.