Staff Newsletter - Summer 2013

Important Dates

Summer Sessions 2013

  • Session I Late Fee Payment Deadline - July 1st
  • Session II Student Fee Payment Deadline - July 15th
  • Session II Late Fee Payment Deadline - August 12th

Fall 2013

Change in deadline to File to Graduate for Fall - September 13th (NOT the 10th Day of Instruction)

10th Day of Instruction - October 9th

  • Last day to petition for Part Time status.
  • Last day to petition for the Employee-Student Reduced Fee.
  • Last day to file for PELP.
  • Last day to drop designated 10-day drop courses.
  • Deadline to File to Graduate in Spring.

20th Day of Instruction - October 23rd

  • Last day to drop designated 20-day drop courses.

25th Day of Instruction - October 30th

  • Last day to opt for P/NP or S/U grading.
  • Last day to change units of a variable unit course.
  • Spring registration holds go fatal for Fall.

Deadline to use PTA's - December 1st

Deadline to use PTD's - December 7th

July 1, 2013

The newsletter contains important dates for the term in addition to information about OUR processes that you may not be aware of but are interested in learning about. If you have a topic that you would like to see covered, please contact us at

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Do You Know About Verifications For International Students?

Students often face the challenge of providing official documents to foreign agencies and governments. The availability of official documents produced by the Office of the University Registrar may vary according to service availability. To check the availability of a document, refer to the Document Availability table on the University Registrar's website.

Processing times for available services are listed on the Processing Timeline table, also on the University Registrar's website. A delay in processing of documents may result from incomplete requests. Delays may be avoided by ensuring that the student properly completes the correct document request.      

Pass Times

Undergraduate students' registration takes place during two intervals called “passes”. Undergraduate students are assigned an appointment time during each of the two passes. The two-pass registration system ensures that all students have access to the courses that are most critical to their curricula, enables full-time status and that access to registration is distributed fairly throughout the student body. 

Students can register during their appointment time or during Open Hours after their appointment. Appointment times last four hours. Once the student's appointment time has come and gone, regardless of whether they registered, they can then register during Open Hours in the evenings and weekends.

The student cannot enroll in courses or access Open Hours until after their appointment time.

Graduate students' are not assigned appointment times. They may enroll in classes any time during Registration operating hours.

Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP)

Undergraduates may take PELP for one quarter only during their academic career at UC Davis. For graduate students the maximum leave is up to one year. Undergraduates apply for PELP through the Office of the University Registrar.

Graduate students apply through their departments and professional students apply through their Professional Schools.

New students may not apply for PELP for their first term. Undergraduate students should contact Undergraduate Admissions regarding deferral of their admission term. Graduate students should contact the Office of Graduate Studies to defer their admission term.

Applications for PELP may be filed as late as the 10th Day of Instruction during the quarter for which the student is requesting a leave. However, approved applications submitted after the first day of instruction will be subject to the Schedule of Refunds.

Graduate students complete the PELP process with the graduate staff person in their department. Only Graduate and Professional students may request extensions to or reductions of leaves. Such requests should be completed through your department for graduate students and your dean for professional students.

UC SHIP coverage for students who submit a PELP Form with the Office of the University Registrar prior to the start of the term will terminate once the new term begins.