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Davis Division of the Academic Senate & Course Regulations

Updates to the Course Form - 2016

Units Calculator: On the Units & Contact Hours tab there is a significant difference in how we collect and use Learning Activities. Using the Units Calculator, ICMS will determine the units for the course based on the rule of 30 hours of work per unit. More information can be found on the tab and at the Academic Senate website.

General Education: GE3 Literacies now require answers to questions instead of “Justifications.” This will help reviewers verify that the course qualifies for the GE credit requested. If previously approved forms contain a “Justification” statement for the specific literacy, the questions are not required.

Prerequisites: Prerequisite entry has changed from a simple text statement which could be misinterpreted to entry of actual courses and additional non-course text. The bottom of the Prerequisite tab has a field that shows you how the entered prerequisite courses and additional text will display in the catalog.


Proposal: Any new, modification, or discontinuation of a course sent for approval.

Launch: The Launch button routes the course form into the workflow for approval.

Legacy: Some fields from the previous system do not exist in CurricUNET. These fields have been copied into “Legacy” fields so the information can be viewed. Legacy fields only display the first time a course is updated. After approval, the Legacy fields no longer display.

Status: CurricUNET stores course versions by status.

  • Active: The most recently approved course form.
  • In Review: The proposal for a new, modified, or discontinued course is in the workflow.
  • Tabled: The committee workflow step is holding the proposal for review. (The proposal is no longer subject to the three week auto-approval at the College Committee level.).
  • Historical: The course record is a previous/older version of the course.
  • Discontinued: The course has been approved as cancelled/discontinued.

Actions: Actions are taken by CurricUNET users to process course forms.

  • Approve: The action by a proposal originator to move the form into the approval workflow.
  • Decline: The action is the same as Relegate. Decline will move the course to the Chair level.
  • Cancel: The action used by Chairs to eliminate the proposal.
  • Request Change: The action used by Chairs to request their faculty or staff to make changes to the course form. (Chairs cannot ‘decline’, they must ‘Request Change’ or ‘Cancel’ a form.) The course will stay in the Chair’s “Approvals” list with “Pending Changes” = Yes. The Originator will also have the course in their “Approvals” list.