Retroactive Changes

Retroactive Change Petitions may be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar. Retroactive changes that can be requested on this form are Retro Add, Retro Drop, Retro Grade Mode Change, Retro Variable Unit Change and Retro Course Number Change. Each petition should include the reason(s) for the student's failure to make the change during the quarter in which it is offered. The petition must be supported by the instructor's signed approval, together with a statement from the instructor indicating his/her knowledge of the student's participation and performance during the presentation of the course in question and the instructor's understanding as to the reason for the student's failure to add the course before the end of the quarter. A course grade must be assigned by the instructor, for a Retro Add. A $3.00 nonrefundable fee, comparable with the late fee assessed during the quarter, is applicable on all retroactive changes. For more information, see the Davis Division (DD) Grade Change Committee (GCC) guidelines.

Retroactive Withdrawals

A Retroactive Withdrawal Form is required to withdraw from the University after close of business on the last day of instruction. The student or the appropriate Dean's Office must submit a petition to the Davis Division Grade Change Committee; or for professional school faculty or students in professional school courses in their own professional schools, to the grade change committee of that school. Approval will be granted only in the most unusual circumstances and only in those cases where it is clear that by not approving the petition the student would be treated unfairly.

(source: Regulations of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate, 547 (D))

Petitions may be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar. Reasons for seeking retroactive changes and withdrawals are medical problems, severe emotional difficulties, death or severe illness in the immediate family, etc. Petitions should include a detailed account of the problem, appropriate documentation, and an adequate explanation of why a withdrawal was not taken during the quarter in which the problem occurred; see the General Catalog. The Dean's signature is required on all Retroactive Withdrawal Petitions. The instructor's signature is required on retroactive drop petitions. The instructor is not required to make a recommendation but must be informed of the student's intentions to retroactively drop the course.

(source: the Davis Division (DD) Grade Change Committee (GCC) guidelines.)