A hold may be placed on your record for a variety of reasons. A few of the more common holds are:

  • HB-Cowell Student Health - Proof of Hepatitis B Vaccination Needed.
  • U2-University Registrar - UG Readmission Student Missing Transfer Transcripts.
  • VP-CVPP - Need to Attend Violence Prevention Seminar.
  • ZA-Student Accounting - Past Due Hold.
  • ZD-Student Accounting - Long Term Loan Hold.

Clearing all holds before your registration appointment will save you time. If the hold is not cleared, you will be denied access to registration.

Log on to Schedule Builder to check your holds. If you have a hold, then contact the office placing the hold(s) to resolve the matter and have the hold cleared. Only the office that placed the hold may remove the hold. The Office of the University Registrar does NOT remove a hold placed by another office.