Variable Unit Change

You may modify the number of units you are enrolled in for a variable-unit course by the 25th day of instruction using Schedule Builder.

Variable Unit Change by the 25th Day of Instruction

  • Obtain permission to modify the number of units for a variable-unit course from the instructor.
  • Use Schedule Builder:
    1. Log into Schedule Builder.
    2. From calendar view, select the course. From list view, find the course.
    3. Select Edit next to Units.
    4. Select appropriate unit value.
    5. Select the checkmark to submit changes.
  • If you choose to use SISWeb to change the unit value:
    1. Log into SISWeb.
    2. Select Student Services.
    3. Select Registration.
    4. Select Change Variable Units.
    5. Select Term.
    6. Select course with the variable unit option available.
    7. Select appropriate unit value.
    8. Submit changes and verify schedule.

For a variable unit change after the 25th day of instruction, see Late Actions.