Leave UC Davis

  • Students may cancel, before the start of instruction, or withdraw, after the start of instruction but on or before the last day of instruction, for any reason. The Cancellation/Withdrawal process separates the student from the university for the requested academic term and future academic terms. The student must submit a Readmission Application to return to the university. 
  • Cancellation/withdrawal from Summer Sessions does not affect attendance in academic terms.
  • Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP) allows the undergraduate student to separate for one term, one time, during their academic career. Graduate students may PELP for up to three academic terms.
  • Students may also be Administratively Withdrawn for several reasons, e.g. Entry Level Writing (ELWR), Dismissal, Student Judicial Affairs actions and Drop for Non-Payment.
  • Any separation from an academic term after registration and fee assessment makes the student subject to the Schedule of Refunds.
  • A student is considered non-continuing and separated from the university, if they do not register for the current term and are not participating in an approved leave of absence.
  • When a student Files to Graduate, they are considered non-continuing. Once they are degree awarded they may not return to the university under their previous degree objective.