Administrative Withdrawals

Entry Level Writing Requirement

The university requires every undergraduate student to demonstrate college-level proficiency in English composition. Satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing Requirement is a prerequisite to all other undergraduate courses in English. If the requirement has not been satisfied by the end of your third quarter, and you were not required to take courses for non-native speakers of English in the Linguistics program, you may be disenrolled from the University.

For further information the requirement, as determined by Undergraduate Admissions, is listed in full in the General Catalog.


A student will be placed on probation or subject to disqualification for failure to meet qualitative or quantitative standards of scholarship.

Students should go to the dean’s office of their college if they need academic advising about probation and dismissal.

Dismissal for either qualitative or quantitative reasons (defined in the General Catalog) is based on the decision of the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled. Such dismissal is from the University of California system and not simply the college or the UC Davis campus.

Should a former UC Davis student later wish to be readmitted to the UC Davis campus, the student must submit an Undergraduate Readmission Application. If a student is dismissed from their college, they will automatically receive a full refund of registration fees for that term.

Student Judicial Affairs

Student Judicial Affairs (SJA) may request the Office of the University Registrar to administratively withdraw a student due to disciplinary action. Administrative withdrawals are subject to the Schedule of Refunds as determined by the date the notification is received from SJA. For more information, see the SJA website.

Drop for Non-Payment

The Drop for Non-Payment process occurs for both undergraduate and graduate students who do not pay their fees by the published deadlines.

Students who no longer wish to remain enrolled in classes for the term must complete a Cancellation/Withdrawal form. They should not use or expect the drop for non-payment process to remove them from their classes, or relinquish them from their financial responsibility and obligations for the term.