Academic Standing

There are qualitative and quantitative components to academic standing:

Qualitative standing refers to the qualitative standards of scholarship, as defined by Senate Regulation 900A, which require a student maintain a C average (2.000) or better for all work undertaken in the University and for the work undertaken in any one quarter.

Quantitative standing refers to the number of units a student completes within an academic year. Students are expected to graduate in four years. This defines expected progress as 15 units passed per quarter and minimum progress as 13 units per quarter or at least 39 units per academic year. Minimum progress is calculated at the end of every spring quarter for the preceding three quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring) comprising an academic year. The average shall be calculated based on the number of quarters in which the student was enrolled full-time during that period. There are penalties for not meeting minimum progress; there are no penalties for not meeting expected progress.

Part-Time Status: Quarters during a period for which a student was officially approved for Part-Time Status are omitted from the minimum progress calculation.

Minimum Progress Waiver: Students with a documented disability may be eligible for a minimum progress waiver. Students apply for such a waiver through the Student Disability Center. Approval of the waiver omits only the specified term(s) from the calculation of quantitative standing.

A student may be placed on academic probation or become subject to disqualification for failure to meet either qualitative or quantitative standards of scholarship (DD Reg A552). Students should contact the dean’s office of their college if they need academic advising about academic standing or if they need academic advising about probation and dismissal. The notation: "STUDENT NOT IN GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING" will appear on the official academic transcript when qualitative standards are not met. Once a student has met the qualitative standards of scholarship or has satisfied all requirements for graduation, the notation is removed from the transcript.