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Fall 2017 Liaison Meeting Qs&As

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Spring 2017 Liaison Meeting Qs&As

Prerequisite Checking Q: It seems that a student who doesn’t meet the prereq will not be able to register in the class until s/he submits and has an online petition approved. My question is, does the system hold a spot for the student during this time? If not, suppose it takes the faculty a long time to clear the petition, or worse yet, an instructor doesn’t do anything about the petition, and then the class becomes full. If the class ends up having a wait list, will this student then be penalized and end up at the end of the wait list if the instructor doesn’t get around to approving the petition until the class is already passed its max enrollment.

A: As long as the student submits a petition at time of registration, and there is room in the course at the time they registrar, they will keep a seat until the instructor denies the petition. If the instructor approves or does nothing, the student stays in the course.

Catalog Q: Will we get Faculty to review in the galleys next January for the 2018-2020 version?

A: No, Faculty has been pulled out already and you will not have to review/edit a faculty section next year. However, you will need to verify that the link I add to the galley is correct, working, and up-to-date. Keeping that page up-to-date now falls on the department where it belongs.