Course Repeating

Undergraduate students may repeat only those courses in which they received a grade of D+ or below, or Not Passed, as well as courses in which they receive a grade of I has become permanent on the student's record because the work was not completed within three years.

(Source: Regulations of the Davis Division of the Academic Senate, A540 (F))

Courses in which a letter grade of D or F was received may not be repeated on a P/NP grading basis. Courses in which a grade of NP was received may be repeated on a P/NP or letter graded basis.

Degree credit for a repeated course will be given only once, but the grade assigned at each enrollment shall be permanently recorded on the Official Transcript. Repeated course units excluded in a student’s grade point average (GPA) will be removed from the number of units attempted, as well as balance points so in computing the GPA, only the grade and corresponding grade points earned the second time a course is taken will be used.

Repeated courses are annotated on the transcript as being “REPEATED, INCLUDED IN GPA” for the second time a course is taken and “REPEATED, EXCLUDED FROM GPA” the first time the course is taken.

After the 16-unit maximum is reached, or if the units for the repeated course will partially exceed the 16 unit repeat limit, the GPA shall be based on all grades assigned and total units attempted and will appear on the transcript for both courses as “REPEATED, INCLUDED IN GPA”.

Prior to Fall 2010, the Mathematics Department allowed students to repeat a grade of less than C- in certain courses from one of the three calculus sequences with a specified course from a different sequence. Effective Fall 2010, students wishing to repeat a grade of less than a C- in Math 16ABC, 17ABC, and 21ABC, may do so only by retaking the same course. Unless otherwise stated in the General Catalog, this repeat policy applies uniformly to all Mathematics courses.

Already passed courses repeated for a second time may not be counted toward enrollment for financial aid purposes. For more information on how this may affect eligibility, see Changes That May Affect Your Aid or contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships office.

For information on graduate students second or more repeat of a course, or repeating a course for credit if content differs, or with limited repeatable units/times; see Repeating A Course.

Here is information on Illegal Repeat Errors.