Admissions and Financial Aid

Admission and Residence

California residence may or may not be a consideration for purposes of Admission to UC Davis and may differ from a student's residence status for tuition purposes. Because UC Davis is a public institution, residence is a factor in the assessment of tuition and fees. When applying for Admission, it is expected that prospective students and their parents read and understand the UC Residence Policy, or summaries under Tuition and Residence.

California residence for tuition purposes is determined after admission based on the facts and information provided on the Statement of Legal Residence, and any additional information requested, by a campus Residence Deputy at the Office of the University Registrar. Any indications of residence received during admission or from Financial Aid is conditional until an official determination of residence is made by a Residence Deputy.

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Statement of Legal Residence

Financial Aid Packages and Residence

California residence shown in Financial Aid Packages and on My Awards—Resident or Nonresident—are provisional and subject to change until the determination is made by a Residence Deputy for purposes of tuition.

Residence Deputies determine if you and your parents (if you are under age 24) have met all of the UC Residence Requirements before classifying you for fee assessment. Until you have submitted a complete Statement of Legal Residence (SLR), and a determination has been made by a Residence Deputy, your residence status in not complete and is subject to change.

Check your UC Davis email account regularly for notices from a Residence Deputy regarding information required or your official classification of residence.