Scheduling Unit

Flex Clock = Flexible Schedule

Title and Responsibilities Name
Scheduling Unit Supervisor
Academic Course Coordinator
Lynn Rabena Flex Clock
Scheduling Analysts

Aaron Wynes Flex Clock
Erik Catalan

Classroom Media Problems/Classroom Conditions Hotline Contact Scheduling
Course Scheduling Development–Prior to Publication
Training: On-Line Scheduling, Classroom Assignments, Course Restrictions, Two-Tier Drop Deadlines, Course Material Fees, Enrollment Limits, Course/Schedule Changes, Add, Remove, Cancel Course Offerings, Web-based (Virtual) Courses.
Contact Scheduling
Current Term Changes–After Publication Through End of Term
Schedule Adjustments,  Instructor Activation, Extra Sessions, Review Sessions, Film Viewing, Classrooms for Mid-term exams, Lock/Unlock Schedules, Door Notices, Variable Unit Course Maintenance, Grade Variance Processing, Permission to Register (Add) Limits.
Contact Scheduling
Final Examinations for Fall, Winter, & Spring Quarters
Policy Guidelines, Exam Classroom Assignments, Overflow Space and Review Sessions.
Contact Scheduling
Summer Scheduling
Summer Session I & II & Special Session Development, Classroom Assignments, Education Abroad Program, STEP Program–Learning Skills Center.
Contact Scheduling
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