Academic Service Unit

Flex Clock = Flexible Schedule

Title and Responsibilities Name
Assistant Registrar
Drop for Non-Payment, Student Accounting Financial Adjustments.
Ali Marie Cordone Flex Clock
Enrollment & Student Services
Student inquiries, Policy & Process Advising, Cancellation/Withdrawal, PELP, Part-Time Status Program, Employee/Student Program, Official Transcripts/Microfilm, Enrollment & Degree Verification Services.

Lenna Crabbe

Service, Call Center & Student AggieCard Office
New student ID Carding, First Contact for All Service Needs & Inquiries. Document Scanning Management & Archive. Public services hours 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Enrollment & Special Programs
Late Admit Processes, Readmission, Dismissals/Reinstatements, EAP, GSP, Reciprocity, Quarter Abroad, Intersegmental, Simultaneous to UCB, ICE/ICV, UCCS, ISA, UCDC.
Usha Sharma
Foreign Language Check, P/NP, Deceased Postings, Course & Retro Changes, Grade Changes, Grading Variances, Y Grade, Incomplete & NG Grade Changes, Dean's Corrections, Repeats, Major Changes, and other Record Corrections.
Sabra Carter
Business Process Analyst
Cross-campus enrollment, online forms, Priority Registration, Summer Sessions.
Kylie Podsakoff Flex Clock
Business Process Analyst Kaila Balancio
Official Transcripts
Official, unofficial, and advising transcript information.
FAX 530-752-6909